Health care specialists dedicated to your eye sight

Your eyes are amazing and require regular care and attention to ensure that they are working at their optimum level. At Eyewise Opticians in West London, we use experienced optometrists and the latest optical technology to take care of your family’s eyes and overall health.

Our friendly eye care specialists will help you to settle in to the practice ahead of your eye examination, and will be on hand to help you choose your new frames and lenses.

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The best possible care for your eyes. Our state of the art equipment gives you the most thorough eye examinations to protect your eye health.

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A wide choice of spectacles to suit your lifestyle and budget, including brands like Silhouette, Adidas and Ted Baker. We offer something to suit every need and every taste.

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Contact Lenses

Advanced technology means that almost anyone can wear contact lenses with ease and comfort. We have something suitable for every prescription and offer great Care Plans to help spread the cost.

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Trust your child’s sight with our expert team. We specialise in eye care for children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Click here to find out more.

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Our Happy Patients

  • My glasses make everything easier

    “My pink tinted glasses have changed my life for the better. I feel much more confident when reading, and for the first time ever I enjoy reading short stories. My glasses make everything easier and if I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t be doing as well at school as I am”.


    “In May this year, I was devastated to hear my child say that the reason why she was struggling to read her school book to me was because all the words were blurred & kept moving around!! V had never told anyone of this massive problem and I had never heard of Visual Stress. Since Harsh tested her in July, V has been wearing her prescription tinted glasses for reading & computer work, and her progress has been amazing – she is beginning to catch up with her school work and no longer fears reading out aloud in front of her friends. I cried when I heard her read out a whole page of writing fluently for the first time in her life. A huge thank you to Harsh for being so patient in explaining about Visual Stress and for motivating V to improve month by month”.

    Parent of VC

  • Friendly, helpful & courteous!

    “My family have been visiting Eyewise for many years. We have always found the Eyewise Team to be friendly, helpful & courteous – with no request too much trouble. The team always take the time to explain test results, treatment and options, and listen to our concerns. I recently needed a glasses frame repair, to be undertaken in Austria which the team arranged for me very swiftly, keeping me in the loop with regular updates.

    I would recommend Eyewise as a professional service without a second thought.”


  • Great results with Schoolvision!

    “My son started Schoolvision assessments just over a year ago- on starting he had problems with concentration, reading, writing and spelling. The use of bifocal lenses have proved invaluable and he has come on leaps and bounds with his reading, no longer halting but very fluid.His concentration is much better. Thank you for your continued support with Michael, it is much appreciated!”

  • Contact Lenses have changed my life!

    “Contact Lenses have changed my life because I can do more sports without worrying about my glasses slipping down my face.Also daily contact lenses do not need cleaning like glasses do and you can see much better in the rain. Contacts are really great- they have helped me and I will definitely keep on wearing them.”

    Alice-age 11

  • Thank you for your kind contribution to help the needy with nearest Optometrists in rural Sri Lanka.

    “Dear Mr.Shah and the team at EyeWise Opticians,
    I thank you for your contribution with materials to help the needy people in the rural villages in Sri Lanka. The materials would be used to improve the vision of people who cannot afford to fund themselves to take care of their vision. The person would be taken to the nearest Optometrists to fit  a suitable pair of spectacles out of those you have provided. I will update you regularly in details how you have made a difference to another person.
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes to all of you.”
    Ranjit Nagalingam.

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